Current and Recent Projects

Warp Wake

Score Attacks to Infinity and Beyond

Warp Wake is an infinite game where you play a courier delivering a message to a doomed planet by surfing through the warp trails of interstellar ships. You must collect the crystals to fuel your board and each is associated with a different move direction. If you run out of crystals you can no longer move that direction. You can play timed rounds that increase in difficulty or go for a high score in infinite mode.


Epic Magic and Witty Banter

Distruxia is a humorous RPG adventure with a demolished fourth wall. The player is a 30 something male with a new job as a video game tester who wakes up in a cave as a female sorceress. He/she must quest to beat the game in hopes of returning home. Along the way conversations with the narrator help point the player in the right direction and provide humorus banter.

Personal Information

Education: B.S. Computer Game Design and Development Kennesaw State University
Expected Graduation May, 2016
A.A.S. Java Programming Central GA Technical College
May, 2013
Experience: Janus Research Group
Software Development Internship
June, 2013 - May, 2014
Contact Me: 478-998-9183

Skill Set








Software Profencies

Unity Visual Studio Source Tree Mono Develop Sublime Text Xammp Eclipse Filezilla Visio

Technologies I Use